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Student-submitted (Last updated: April 26, 2024)

Enlight 2013 - Click photos to zoom.

Enlight 2012

Flashback Gallery (Circa 1970)

Enlight 2010

Enlight 2011

Christmas 2012

Teachers Day 2012

Covells Sports League

Investiture 2012

Founders Day

Independence Day 2012

Excursion 2012 KG

Excursion 2012 Primary

Excursion 2012 High School


Important Announcement

August, 2021Dear Parent,It’s with deep anguish that we bring to your notice the permanent closure of COVELLS HIGH SCHOOL due to the severe challenges faced by the management due to the COVID pandemic. We tried hard to overcome all the difficulties faced during this phase but couldn’t help but decide upon closing down the school as we are unable to run it any longer with the financial implications we faced due to the lockdown and closure.We would like to thank you all for being with COVELLS for 57 years and for standing by us all these years.We take this opportunity to wish you all and your children a bright future. We pray that they may reach new heights and create for themselves a successful life.Sanathnagar is fortunate enough to have multiple schools in its vicinity and we have written to the nearby schools to be considerate enough to accommodate all our students.The TC’s and record sheets for all are being provided for a nominal charge at the school and the school fee from April 2019 till date (March 2019 is when the school last worked) has been completely waived off.Hoping for your prayers as we continue to pray for you all.Regards,
The Management